Trade Waste Tanks

Pioneer Plastic’s trade waste pit range is suited for many applications including grease traps, cooling and straining, petrol and oil interceptors, neutralising tanks and more.
Our trade waste tanks are used to slow down the discharge of any trade waste to the connected sewer to allow the contaminants to be contained and once cleaned discharged to sewer.
Trade waste contains oil, grease, chemicals and solids. If you discharge directly to the sewerage network it can cause blockages and overflows, overload treatment plants and pollute our rivers and beaches.

When space limitations apply, equivalent capacity tanks can be manufactured to order. Inlet, outlet and vent positions can be altered to suit clients specific needs.
Below Ground Tanks must be surrounded with 100mm thick concrete walls & base.
Above Ground Tanks larger than 399 liters capacity have external bracing fitted for strength & support. Add an additional 100mm to the length and width dimensions for the approximate size when steel rails are fitted
Cast iron access covers capable of being removed by one person should be fitted (available at additional cost)

Pioneer Plastics - Trade Waste Tanks

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