Does Your Restaurant Need a Plastic Grease Trap in Melbourne?

As a restaurant owner, you need to ensure your kitchen and all its amenities are kept clean at all times so that you can assure your customers they’re receiving food that’s safe to eat. Additionally, it’s a good idea to do everything within your power to minimise the chances of problems occurring. A plastic grease trap in Melbourne ensures your restaurant won’t fall victim to sewage backup or blocked pipes, and as long as you buy from a reputable provider, you can feel confident your grease trap will be highly effective.

The purpose of a plastic grease trap in Melbourne is to remove fats, oils and greases from your wastewater before it enters your pipes and the city’s wastewater management system. Effective grease traps remove at least 90 percent of fats from your wastewater as required by law, helping you keep your restaurant in full working order while doing your part for the environment. Plus, if you utilise experienced professionals for the fabrication, you can feel confident your plastic grease trap in Melbourne will work seamlessly without you having to lift a finger.

At Pioneer Plastics Pty Ltd, we’ve been providing dependable grease traps to restaurants in Melbourne since 1974, and our extensive experience means we know exactly which type of grease trap will be the most effective for your business. As part of our missions to be Melbourne’s most cost-effective provider, we’ll beat any written quote you receive, so contact us today to find out how our friendly professionals can help your business by creating a grease trap to minimise the risk of sewage backups.

DOES YOUR RESTAURANT NEED A PLASTIC GREASE TRAP IN MELBOURNE - Above Ground food oil interceptor grease trap Pioneer Plastic

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