NAME: Pioneer Plastic Sneeze Guards

ALSO KNOWN AS: Acrylic Personal Shields, Safety Dividers, Droplet Guard, Workplace Protection Screens, Cough Guards, Anti-virus Guards, POS Screen Protectors,


Pioneer Plastic’s Sneeze Guards can be made from either 4.5 or 6 mm cast acrylic or polycarbonate sheet, we can make them to any size required. Permanent or portable we can customise them to suit your business needs.

These are the perfect solution for infection control and prevention, in most workplace and public areas. These can be easily set on any counter or table to protect your staff and clients against airborne bacteria and virus transmission (ie. COVID19),

We can make them up with the support feet shown in the pics so that they are easily removed or we can fit aluminum angles to the bottom so that they can be permanently fixed to the bench tops and retail counters.

INDUSTRIES: They are suitable for any service counter where the need for staff to be separated from customers is present.

Offices, reception desks, retail stores, food stores, shop counters, schools, medical centres, supermarket checkout stations, cafes, restaurants, and many more

Sneeze Guards
Melbourne Sneeze Guards (2)
Melbourne Sneeze Guards (2)