Pioneer Plastics Range of Above Ground Grease Traps and Trade Waste Tanks are available in a range of standard sizes approved by all water authorities, custom designs can be built to order depending on customers requirements.

Sizes range from 100 litres up to 5000 litres as standard but larger sizes can be custom built to customers requirements.

All of our tanks come complete with latch down air tight lids and 100 mm inlet/outlet fittings and 50 mm vent connections.

All of above and below ground trade waste tanks come with a full 5 year warranty.

      • Designed for above ground installations.


      • Manufactured from 6mm Polypropylene or PVC.


      • Factory fitted with inlet/outlet/vent connections standard.


      • Removable air tight covers supplied with all tanks.


      • Tanks larger than 399 litres capacity have external bracing fitted for strength & support. Add an additional 100mm to the length and width dimensions for the approximate size when steel rails are fitted.


      • When space limitations apply, equivalent capacity tanks can be manufactured to order. Inlet, outlet and vent positions can be altered to suit clients specific needs.